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“In the weeks after my baby was born a ‘Walk and Talk’ with Emma was exactly what I needed. I was desperate to get out of the house, and to talk to someone who I knew would listen to me without judging and without telling me what they thought I should be doing differently. Emma totally understood what I was going through, she really put me at ease, and she helped me believe in myself when I felt like everything I was doing was wrong.”
– Laura Wheeler –


The first few years of being a parent can be the most challenging time of your life. You can be so focused on your little one that it can be hard to find time for your own emotional wellbeing, or even to find someone who can simply listen to what you are going through.

I offer a ‘walk and talk’ service, which is a chance for you to meet up with me in an informal setting and talk about what is on your mind, the challenges you are facing, and the worries that you have. This is a session that can be led by you. You may just want some time to yourself while you are looking after your baby. Or you may want to discuss a more specific need. I am a qualified Maternity Practitioner, a Level 6 Sleep Consultant, and I have a BA hons in Psychotherapy, so if you do require more focused help and support, then I can offer that too!

If this sounds like something you would be interested in then contact me and we can discuss the kind of session that suits you best. This can be a regular meeting, or simply a one-off – it’s entirely up to you and what your needs are. We can meet at your house, or somewhere else that is convenient for you. Then we can walk and talk, and I can help you meet those challenges with confidence and a new sense of belief in yourself as a parent.


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