Maternity & Night Nanny

My experience as a Maternity Nurse/Night Nanny dates back to 2006. I have worked with over 70 Newborn babies, including twins and Triplets. I have extensive experience working with premature babies, and those with serious medical conditions. 

My role as a maternity nurse and Night Nanny is to offer you support and care in the weeks after your baby is born. This intensive care provides support to new mothers and their little ones, ensuring this special time goes as smoothly as possible and mum receives the support she needs. My Maternity Nurse job description, includes support and help with sleep routines, feeding including  formula and breastfeeding, nutrition and any health problems that arise in either baby or mum. My duties may also include help with food preparation for your family and to offer an extra pair of hands to mum to help her recuperate.

I can help mothers to implement a routine tailored to your family’s requests. Some families may want to follow a strict routine whereas others may want a more relaxed, demand-based routine. Whichever pre-planned routine requirements are decided, I will be ready to implement and support it. Please contact me so that we can discuss your requirements. I’m happy to offer recommendations based on my experience.  

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