About me

My name is Emma Roberts. I am 37 years old and live in Sevenoaks, Kent. I am a qualified Counsellor (BA HONS), Maternity Practitioner and Level 6 Sleep consultant.

I work in London/Kent and the South East. I have over 15 years’ experience in supporting families with Sleep and troubleshooting. 

What I do

I offer a bespoke service, suited to your needs. Every baby and every family are different, and require different kinds of support. I have experience working with newborns, twins, premature babies and those with serious health issues.  

I emphasise a gentle and holistic approach to sleep training.

Sleep Coaching

Children are not born knowing how to put themselves asleep, it is a skill that they must learn. I can help you gently change your child’s sleep habits so that your family can get the sleep they need. My aim is to help you feel empowered to follow your instincts so that you can recognise what works best for your family.

As your baby’s Gentle Sleep Coach and Consultant I will assess their needs and your concerns. You will then be able to implement a comprehensive Bespoke Sleep Plan written by me, specifically for your baby.

Quality, age-appropriate sleep is so important for the current and long-term health and development of your little one. It’s also essential for you!

Parenting is THE most important job you’ll ever do and being so sleep-deprived makes it that much harder. It’s hard to be the best person, parent, partner, friend etc. if you’re exhausted!

We know a lot about sleep. But you are the expert in your child. We will achieve the best outcome for your family because I will listen to you, work with you and respect your priorities and parenting style.

If your current sleep situation isn’t bringing your family the rest it needs, book a consultation to discuss.

Sleep Coaching

Parent Coaching

Maternity & Night Nanny


Having had Emma as night nanny for our 9 month old twin girls I would absolutely recommend her as amazing support for parents looking for something similar. We were really struggling with the girls’ sleep routine, and from the first night Emma calmly stepped in and allowed my husband and I to get some much needed sleep.

She was excellent with the girls, immediately having a lovely rapport with them, and was always smiling in the morning, whether she’d had 10 minutes or 6 hours sleep! She was amazingly supportive to me when we decided to sleep train the girls. I definitely could not have completed it without her help. I just wish we could have her every night!

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